“Who is this dude?”

Well… What am I doing here would probably be more relevant…

I will aim to give you useful insights into the life of the everyday artist trying to get by with a ‘normal’ job, two kids, a wife and a dog (he is a cute frenchie – pics to come). The end aim for anyone who creates, I think, is to make at least some money from it – if not, the ultimate goal of living off of your art.

To answer the first question…

Saying my name is Luke and I am an artist is a start, I guess. Click here to view my work. I have started ‘trying’ to make a go of making my artwork known and hope to one day make enough to lead a comfortable life.

I will update you with my personal experiences along the path to becoming a full time artist, whilst giving advice on things I did right and the (many) things I did wrong.

Much love,

Luke Gevaux



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