Selling Your First Piece Of Art πŸ–Œ

After all of your endless promotion, ads, instagram pics, Facebook updates… it happens; you sell your first print! 🀘

First off.. congratulations!! πŸΎπŸŽ‰

So now what!? 

Make it an amazing experience for your new customer, so they don’t stop talking about you and your art!

The first one is always most important! Make sure you get a cracking photo of your original piece (if it is a print), get that sent off as soon as possible! The last thing you want to do is make someone wait! 

Packaging? I went for a flat magnetised presentation box. Wrapped the print in tissue paper. Had some stickers made, to throw in with orders. Don’t forget a couple of business cards, so they can share you around! Make sure you bubble wrap well, and then protect it more with tissue paper or packaging paper – sticking ‘fragile’ and ‘do not bend’ on there is always a good idea (couriers are not delicate people), and away you go! 

It’s always an amazing feeling when someone invests in your art. They must look at it the same way you do; with love.

Carry on with what you have been doing and hopefully the push in momentum, will bring about more creations! 

Keep up the good work,

Luke Gevaux


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